Optional build settings

You can provide some optional settings as extra commands to the "buildSite" corbon command. Here's an example:

from corbon import buildSite
buildSite('sources', 'site', settings={"convertEmailToImage":True})

The settings


Converts all mailto: links to generated images to fool email adress harvesters.

The images are generated using PIL and placed in the same directory as the page that contains them. The name is a hashed version of the e-mail adress, meaning that one email address has one unique image, even when used more than once.

This setting is off by default.


Generates XML pages in the source folder for all links that have no page. This will never overwrite existing pages, only create pages that have been linked to but are not actually created yet.

The generated pages will contain a very basic template, with an <include> pointing to "settings/generic.xml" (the recommended place for storing settings).

This setting is off by default.