The <seealso> tag

<seealso> links to other pages that have corresponding keywords. These keywords are set using the <synopsis> tag. As soon as any of the keywords in the given page matches a keyword on another page, a link is generated. Note that this is not limited to the current directory: Corbon indexes each and every page in the site.

If (and only if) related pages are found, Corbon generates a <h2> header tag using the special "crb-seealso" style class containing the text "See Also". Beneath that, it gives an unordered list (<ul class="crb-seealso">)of all other pages containing their names (also provided by the synopsis).



Imagine a page containing information about sea bass. One of its keywords is "fish". Used in a site with information on other fish, this tag:

<seealso title="Other fish species" format="break" linkstyle="fishlink" />

Will result in this output:

Other fish species


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