The <keywordindex> tag

<keywordindex> provides a table of contents (TOC) of the entire site based on the keywords used in the pages. It sorts those keywords alphabetically, and underneath each keywords, it links to pages containing that keyword with their name and description.

Each keyword is styled as a header with the "crb-keywordindex" style class (<h2 class="crb-keywordindex">).


The <keywordindex> tag has no attributes.


Provide more configurability: whether you want a description or not for the links. Also, right now the keywords are capitalized and displayed. Maybe we want something else for that.

Use <ul> instead of break tags. Yes, this breaks compatibility with SiteBuilder.


Say we have an animal encyclopedia site that uses keywords to identitfy the types of animals. Each type of animal will be a header.


Here is the output:


Sea bass: A large marine food fish
Salmon: Delicious fish with typical reddish yellow or orange color
Trout: Highly esteemed game fish
Goldfish: Small domestic fish named from its color


Terrier: Hunting dog originally developed for driving game
Husky: Dog of a breed developed in Siberia for pulling sleds